Custom Card Readers

We build Secure Custom Card Readers with your Encryption Keys so your credentials can securely exchange the encrypted application data for Access Control, Biometric, and Downstream Systems.

Secure Encryption Key Creation & Custom Card Reader Provisioning:

  • Implementing the use of secure RFID technology requires all of your facilities to upgrade existing proximity readers with high frequency access readers which would be programmed with your secure read key, provided by K&A.
  • We act as a custodian on your behalf – working with your access control integrators, third party system providers, access card manufacturers and card issuance printers. 
  • We ensure seamless integration while you fully own your proprietary encryption keys.

K&A Industries offers engineering services to deliver secure custom card readers provisioned with your custom encryption keys for use with third party systems that need to securely read your data for downstream system applications.

Custom Card Readers

At K&A industries, we ensure seamless integration
while YOU FULLY OWN your proprietary encryption keys.

Looking to implement mobile credential technology? 

We can assist with provisioning your mobile enabled PACS and downstream readers to include the mobile keys necessary to make your smart phone, smart watch and tablets gain access through doors, turnstiles, parking gates, secure network printers and more. Our solutions allow your organization to meet the growing demand of a mobile-first world!

Mobile Access:

  • Offers secure access with a mobile device by leveraging standard communications technologies that work with both iOS® and Android™ operating systems.
  • Enhances the transactional experience by opening doors with a tap or “Twist and Go” gesture, merging security with convenience.
  • Supports new Mobile IDs and existing card populations for seamless migration to a more secure standard.
Reader Provisioning Mobile Phone In Use

We Work in Harmony with You, the Access Control Reader Manufacturer and the Integrators…

…via conference calls, Webex, or email – whatever means necessary to make sure your secure credential card readers and services are up and running smoothly and effectively.

Reader Provisioning Card In Use
Reader Provisioning Printer In Use

Multiple applications can be encoded to your smart card, each with its own unique custom key set, allowing your credential to be used for a wide variety of secure transactions.

Examples of Secure Custom Card Readers & Systems

Access Control Systems, Biometrics, Downstream Systems

Ask us about our Encryption Key Creation and Secure ID Card Production services!