Secure Credential Services

Do you have security concerns about the vulnerability of your access control system? Our Secure Credential Services are the trusted answer for you!

The use of traditional 125 KHz low frequency proximity access cards to support employee badge issuance is problematic because:

  • Proximity technology is 30 years old and highly vulnerable to security risk.
  • Allows for the possibility of an employee working at one facility to gain unauthorized access to another facility. Many proximity card formats are unprotected since there is limited availability of formats, facility codes and card number ranges leading to duplicate cards being issued.
  • Proximity technology can be quickly and easily duplicated with the use of an inexpensive handheld card-cloning device that can be purchased through on-line merchants and walk-in kiosk locations.

We have the perfect SECURE credential issuance solution for you!

Secure Credential Systems - icon chartWe offer an in-depth consultative service and can build your organization a future roadmap for secure credential issuance. 

Then we work alongside access control system manufacturers, integrators, and third-party system vendors to ensure the implementation process is easy for our clients — sit back and let us do the work!

Credential security starts with Custom
Secure Key Development
from K&A!

Imagine having an open architecture secure credential with custom keys that can only be used within your enterprise. As your encryption key custodian, we design the custom key sets and you have 100% full ownership! You are no longer pigeonholed to specific manufacturers since the technology is not manufacturer-specific, allowing you to leverage your buying power and keeping security as the highest priority.


YOU Own The Secure Keys. YOU Control Your Future Roadmap.

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