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The Industry Leader in Identity Management Products

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White Glove Services

White Glove

With K&A’s personalized white glove services, you can relax while we provide secure, future-proofed identity management solutions — fit just for you.

Secure ID—

Full-Service Secure Credential Management

The complexity of an enterprise-wide security upgrade can be daunting and expensive. Our expertise in identity management allows us to examine what technology you already use, future-proof for any application, and design the best approach to migrate to a secure solution. Need a cost-effective migration plan? Big or small, we help enterprises eliminate their access system vulnerabilities.

You wouldn’t scatter copies of your house key around the neighborhood, so why would you risk duplicates in your access control system? We create custom AV1 and AV2 diversified encryption key sets that are 100% unique to your organization. Then, we hand complete ownership over to you, to boot! In today’s security world, these are the ultimate deadbolt for enterprises — credentials with zero risk of hacking or duplication.

Secure ID Services

We can provide a plug-and-play card reader solution with custom PACS and RFID readers. Together, we’ll whiteboard the perfect design for your systems with traditional access control, biometrics, and downstream applications for both physical and mobile payloads. When you’re satisfied, we’ll manage the installation, and you’ll get the complete configuration guide and ongoing maintenance for firmware and updates throughout the lifecycle of the physical product.

Manufacturers and developers in the security world look to pigeonhole clients to their products by selling exclusive hardware or cloaked key sets. We believe businesses should own and have full access to their secure credential information. That’s why, at the end of our service, we’ll provide a fully documented custodial guide with detailed designs and configuration notes. Everything is 100% transparent and owned by you.

Once you have a secure, open-architecture credential system with custom key sets, we remain as custodian to your access control enterprise. K&A manages custom keys for some of the biggest names across several industries, and we deliver consistent, secure credentials with no duplications — daily. With expert management and ongoing consultation, securing multiple locations with the same card programming is a cinch!

ID Products

Personalized Service to Secure & Display Your Credentials

Maintaining ID card production in-house can cost businesses thousands of dollars in overhead expenses, so we offer printing and ID card production as part of our identity management services. Just provide us the data — personnel, photos, and branding — and we’ll deliver fully personalized ID badges ready to distribute to any location. You’ll receive packaged and collated ID cards and an electronic data file ready to upload into your access system.

Have the data but not the design? We’ve been doing this for a long time and can provide quick, easy-to-use design templates using your corporate graphics. Just outline your requirements, and we’ll deliver design proofs for committee review and approval.

Purchase your ID card printer from K&A, and we’ll test and optimize the unit prior to shipment. Our expert technicians will pre-install accessories and calibrate all settings so your unit arrives at your facility fully stocked and ready to go!

K&A doesn’t sell a product; we offer a service — ID done right. That’s why we provide optional on-site installation, training, maintenance, and technical services to make in-house hardware a breeze. We are invested in keeping your system up and running, so we offer preventative and remedial service for the life of the printer with on-site services, on-call technical support, and advanced loaner equipment options.

We’ve been in the game since 1991, so odds are we’ve delivered custom accessories to your market. Ask to browse our extensive portfolio of custom-branded badge accessories to get ideas on how to showcase your graphics. Or just give us a call! We’ll find high-quality products to meet your needs and work within your branding requirements so you can get professional designs delivered fast.

From start to finish, we are your one-stop solutions provider for all things ID related. At K&A – we do ID right.

One-Stop Shop

Printing, Logistics, Inventory, & Wholesale Pricing

We pride ourselves as the concierge of the identity management world, but we don’t stop there. From access cards and readers, card printers and consumables, badging accessories, corporate event signage, promotional products, and more, K&A is your one-stop trusted shop with unmatched customer service.

Our mass distribution capabilities are unparalleled in the credential services industry. Provide us with a list of addresses and product requirements, and we will deliver across your enterprise in record time — global or domestic. Get accurate shipment tracking, fast delivery times, and dedicated attention to your order from A to Z. 

Since K&A purchases your goods in bulk, we can deliver the smaller quantities you need at discounts usually reserved for larger quantity orders. We take on the floor planning, and you receive products with better economic value.

K&A will stock a “safety supply” of your custom products that traditionally require long manufacturing lead times. Get custom products fast without taking on the financial burdens or using valuable office space with on-site stock.  

Get “White Glove” service from the identity management experts.

Get started with a free consultation, and together, we will make the complexities of identity management seem easy. Fill out our contact form or simply give us a call.
“Don’t Worry, we got it”
- Leon Deane
Vice President, K&A Industries
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