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Identity Management Products

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The Industry Leader in Identity Management Products

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VA Identity Management

For almost 2 decades, our team has had the pleasure of serving the VA and playing our part in making a difference in the lives of our veterans.

Shop Veterans Affairs ID Accessories

Proudly serving Veterans in Identity Management for 2 decades!

Honor those who have proudly served our country with custom Veteran & Military Branded lanyards, badge reels, and hang tags. Choose from our library of designs or request your own.
HSPD-12 Shielded Badge Holders add an extra layer of security and protect the data stored on your federally issued PIV, CAC, or TWIC credential or smart card from unauthorized scanning.
Keep your printers stocked and ready for your print runs! Clear and holographic polyester laminates, retransfer film, ink ribbons, ink cartridges, & PVC card stock.

The VA works hard to take care of so many; we’ll work hard to take care of the VA.

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In today’s world, PIV credentials have become standard for VA facilities…

…but the responsibility of printing them and buying accessories to secure and display them has fallen to staff unfamiliar with the process. There are so many moving parts — from secure badge holders, VA-custom lanyards and badge reels, VA-specific hang tags for role recognition, and printer ribbons used to print the PIV credentials — it’s almost impossible to keep it all straight. 

K&A Industries has been helping the VA with their identity management needs for over 18 years. We will recommend the right accessories and hang tags for your specific needs, design the custom imprints, and even supply printer ribbons required to print your IDs. 

With a FREE CONSULTATION from K&A, we make it easy to print, secure, and display your ID badges with quick turnaround times and delivery!


V.A. Identity Management
Made Easy
Our experience, personalized service, and quality ID accessories to assist you through the entire process of issuing, securing, and displaying your VA facility’s PIV credentials.

Need to purchase through GSA? Roger that.

Our GSA Advantage products include a vast selection of identity management and secure identification services.

We have decades of experience and security expertise in the federal contracting arena and working within the GSA Advantage System. Don’t be overwhelmed or oversold… at K&A, We do ID right!

Why K&A Industries is the best choice
for V.A. Identity Management

It means so much to us at K&A to be able to play a small part in helping the VA continue to make a difference in the lives of veterans every day.

Step 1:
Expert Advice

A short Q&A with you to understand your needs and recommend ideal solutions.

Step 2:
Review Proposal

Review our suggested solutions and proposal, refine or approve your customized VA product order.

Step 3:
Feel Secure

Secure, protect, and display your VA credentials with our accurate and fast delivery.