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The Industry Leader in Identity Management Products

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VA Identity Management

VA Identity Management

VA Identity Management.

We provide unparalleled service, secure badge holders,
VA-customized lanyards, badge reels, & hang tags, printer ribbons & supplies, fast & accurate delivery.

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In today’s world…

PIV credentials have become standard for VA facilities, but the responsibility of printing them and buying accessories to secure and display them has fallen to staff unfamiliar with the process. 
Let K&A make VA identity management easy for you– our experience, personalized service, and full line of shielded badge holders and ID accessories make us the VA’s one-source solution.

VA facilities often find it challenging to keep up with
all the ID accessories needed to secure and display their employee’s PIV credentials.

There are so many moving parts – from secure badge holders, VA-custom lanyards and badge reels, VA-specific hang tags for role recognition, and printer ribbons used to print the PIV credentials – it’s almost impossible to keep it all straight. 

K&A Industries has been helping the VA with their identity management needs for over 15 years. We will recommend the right accessories and hang tags for your specific needs, design the custom imprints, and even supply printer ribbons required to print your IDs. 

Don’t be overwhelmed or oversold… at K&A, We do ID right!

Step 1:
Expert Advice

Personal consultation to understand your specific credential needs & recommend ideal solutions.

Step 2:
Client Review

Review our suggested solutions and proposal, refine or approve your customized VA product order.

Step 3:
Feel Secure

Secure, protect, and display your VA credentials with K&A Industries’ accurate and fast delivery.

Our knowledge and service make K&A the smart choice for your shielded badge holders and VA credential accessories.


K&A carries all VA credential-related products from shielded badge holders to hang tags to lanyards and reels to printer ribbons and supplies… we’ve got it all.


We go above and beyond to serve, keeping detailed order records, making re-orders a breeze and recommending the ideal secure badge holder for your needs.


Everything is made-to-order just for you—we’ll listen to your needs and even help design your custom products to best display your Veterans PIV credentials.

The VA works hard to take care of so many; we’ll work hard to take care of the VA.

  • In the identity management business for 31+ years
  • VA Vendor ID # 22310891
  • GSA Contract # GS-35F-0428U
  • Serving the VA for 15+ years (many of our employees even volunteer)
  • Largest product offering of shielded holders – larger than all competitors
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Accurate orders and fast delivery
  • Durable products, many with warranties
We take care of the VA

K&A Industries has the experience, personalized service,
and quality ID accessories to assist you through the entire process
of issuing, securing, and displaying your VA facility’s PIV credentials.

We’ve heard it many times from customers who thought they could save money if they took it upon themselves to handle their PIV credential badging process.

They search the internet to find the different parts and products and try to piece together the various aspects of badging. Only to finally give up and come to us overwhelmed or confused and looking for help—and now, they’re up against the clock. 

The problem is, when you try to handle credentials on your own, you lose the personalized customer service that makes the process simpler. You may not get the correct products or they may be of lesser quality—which is a nightmare if you order from a place with no accountability or guarantee of accuracy.

So, the solution is simple: choose K&A to be your VA partner in all things credential-related from design to production to delivery.

We know the products that are right for you based upon years of experience supporting VA clients throughout the USA. We never charge any set-up fees or credit card fees, and our prices include freight and delivery. We maintain your order history so reordering is quick and easy. We treat orders as mission critical and as such we stock large quantities for quick turnaround times, and we ensure accurate orders and timely shipping even amidst events that may cause delays. 

It really is an easy choice, for you and for us.
Your VA facility gets the quality service and products you need, and it means so much to us at K&A to be able to play a small part in helping the VA continue to make a difference in the lives of veterans every day. 

Custom ID Products for VA Identity Management


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Custom Lanyards, Badge Reels,
Hang Tags

(Brand Identity and
Role Recognition)


(VA Customized
ID Accessories) 

ID Card Printer
Ribbons & Consumables

(Printing PIV Cards 
& Maintenance)