Custom Badge Hang Tags

Custom Badge Hang Tags provide instant role recognition for your staff. Simply place the Custom Credential Hang Tag behind your existing PIV Credential and clip into place with your badge clip, lanyard or reel.

The large color-coded information can be seen from a distance allowing instant recognition for staff and volunteers.

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Within our line of custom badge hang tags, we offer Military Service Hang Tags which can be custom printed to include the military branch insignia, purple heart award, branch of service name or VETERAN designation in any color combination including red, white and blue patriotic text. Need to identify your staff member’s role to the patient and their family members?

Custom Badge Hang Tags

We also supply Role Recognition Hang Tags that show position or title so that an employee or volunteer can be easily identified by their role.

Our Emergency Code / Response Tags can be custom printed to display site critical information making emergency preparedness easier than ever. The recently introduced “I Choose VA Because…” Hang Tag initiative is an effective way to connect VA Employees to the veterans being served while building a trusted relationship with the goal of improving the patient experience. We also offer custom Information Hang Tags and Signage such as parking permits, door hangers, L-signs and tent signs. Request your Custom Badge Hang Tag quote today!