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Identity Management Products

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The Industry Leader in Identity Management Products

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ID Card Printers, Supplies, & Support We don’t just sell Card Printers – We help them THRIVE!

ID Card Printer SUPPORT
from K&A Industries

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your new card printer

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Our ID card printers are ideal for applications in industries across the globe.​

We carry a wide variety of ID card printers for all types of badging needs. Shop yourself or read through our  7 Step ID Card Printer Buying Guide (access below).

Keep your printers stocked and ready for your print runs! Clear and holographic polyester laminates, retransfer film, ink ribbons, ink cartridges, & PVC card stock.

From initial sales to setup to ongoing maintenance & service, K&A is your reliable partner, ensuring your Card Printer thrives throughout its lifespan.

With Asure ID® Card Personalization Software you can develop, design, deploy and manage ID cards — PLUS filter, sort, and group data to create reports.

Prevent identity theft by destroying sensitive information found on used ID card ink ribbons and retransfer film. Help your business remain HIPPA and FERPA compliant.

Looking to buy a new card printer, but want the peace of mind of having immediate tech support when needed? Our Printer Service Contracts will have you covered!

This includes universities, corporations, property management, government IDs, loyalty cards, physical access cards and other large-scale badging needs. Create professional credentials in house with printers designed for speed, sharp text and images, bold colors, and reliable performance. High-definition printers produce crisp text, numeric information, detailed logos, and barcodes.  

Our ID Experts are Ready to Help You​

Get unmatched customer service and card printer support from the leading authority on identity management products — K&A Industries.​

K&A is your trusted source for all things ID — and that, of course, includes card printers and supplies. Check out our full line of printers along with everything you need to get started. Access and download our “7 Steps to Buying an ID Card Printer Guide”, or contact us today to get expert help in finding your ideal solution. Because, at K&A — we do ID right!


Are PEOPLE back in the office, but your PRINTER has checked out?

Ensure your ID Card Printers are ALWAYS RUNNING SMOOTHLY with a company that knows the value of taking care of your printer.
At K&A — We Do ID Right!