Encryption Key Creation

An example of how the Encryption Key Creation process works…

PHASE 1 – White Boarding & Future Proofing

  • K&A’s project team works to understand all existing card formats presently in use to determine the common legacy card technology being phased out. In many instances, there are multiple card formats and technologies used across a client’s enterprise.
  • Our project team simultaneously evaluates all existing PACS readers in place to determine if they can be upgraded to support the new high frequency technology with your custom proprietary key; sometimes readers can be salvaged and upgraded and other times they must be replaced. We will help to save you a financial investment in new readers wherever possible.
  • We then provide consultative services to determine the best migration technology for your new high frequency RFID chip. K&A supports all industry standard technologies such as iCLASS, Seos, MIFARE and DESFire EV1 & EV2 which enables us to implement the right technology to meet your needs.
Encryption Key Creation

  • Consideration is given to your current secure credential needs as well as looking to your future needs. This allows us to build for today and into tomorrow so that you avoid future re-badging efforts requiring costly labor and financial commitments. It is crucial that thought be given to what processes the new credential may be used for beyond your initial access system needs so that we can build a future roadmap.

K&A Industries makes the process of Encryption Key Creation easy on you!

PHASE 2 – Secure Encryption Key Development & Implementation

  • Once the current and future requirements are fully understood, K&A’s engineering team will develop custom secure crypto key sets for each of the data applications being written to the new credential.
  • The key sets would deliver the highest level in secure credential security as the keys would be unique to your organization and no other installation around the globe would ever employ these identical keys.
  • There may be multiple payloads encoded on the new RFID chip to accomplish different business tasks with each payload requiring a unique custom key set to protect from any security vulnerabilities.

We act on your behalf and interact with your access control manufacturers, integrators and third party downstream system vendors so the upgrading process is simple and painless.

  • K&A will then manage your custom keys as your custodian, delivering the secure credential card stock and guaranteeing no duplication of encoded card numbers.
  • The PACS data application’s secure read key must then be provisioned to your PACS readers, preventing any unauthorized access to your facility with an ID badge not containing your unique matching keys.
  • Should you require personalized data be written to the RFID chip during in-line card production, such as an employee ID or student number, our engineering staff will work with your system integrator to successfully implement the in-line encoding commands where needed.
  • Secure credentials can now be implemented enterprise-wide to secure your access control system as well as supporting a host of downstream system tasks such as secure document printing, dining, vending, fingerprint biometrics, parking systems and single sign-on / logical access functions.

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