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I Choose VA Because… Hang Tag

SKU: I-Choose-VA-Because-Hang-Tag

  • Dimensions: 2.125″ x 6″
  • 13 Approved Reasons: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, I CARE, I Served Too, I’m a Caregiver, I’m a Patriot, I’m a Veteran, I’m Inspired, Marine Corps, Navy, of Family, of Pride
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • Virtually indestructible product that is made to last and offers a 13-month unconditional warranty
  • All content is printed directly onto your Hang Tag.
  • Upload a spreadsheet with names, hometowns, and reasons (including tag control numbers).
  • The tag control number is added to the corner of your hang tag to guarantee all tags are printed and packaged in the correct order to assist with distribution.
  • We can sort and package your hang tags based on any criteria… Alphabetically, by department, tag number, etc.
  • Quick turnaround times so you can stop dealing with tattered, peeling labels.
  • “I Choose VA Because…” and a reason is pre-printed on the hang tags.
  • Score marks are provided for accurate alignment of the labels.
  • You print name and hometown onto an adhesive label using a thermal printer.

I Choose VA Because... Hang Tags

Category: Hang Tags

Why do YOU choose VA? Show off your REASON! Customizable with your Name & Hometown (direct-printed or label-printed).

All I Choose VA Because… Hang Tags have the “reason” directly printed on the tag. Personal details like name and hometown, can be either direct-printed for a long-lasting and smooth appearance or you can decide to print and affix them yourself using a thermal label printer with clear die-cut Dymo labels.

DIRECT-PRINTED – Give us a list and get professionally printed “I Choose VA Because…” hang tags customized with your name, hometown, reason, and badge number.

LABEL-PRINTED – Select your REASON(S) and quantities of each and get professionally printed “I Choose VA Because…” hang tags customized ONLY with your reason. Print your own custom adhesive label to add your name and hometown.