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Military Hang Tags – Bottom Overhang

Military Hang Tags – Bottom Overhang

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Military Hang Tags – Bottom Overhang

Recognize the men and women who have served in the military and show your patriotism!

Military Hang Tags – Bottom Overhang

Custom-printed Military Service Hang Tags can include military branch insignia, purple heart award, branch of service name or VETERAN designation. They can be printed in any color combination including red, white and blue patriotic text.

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Air Force Blue, Air Force Blue Banner, Army Green, Army Green Banner, Coast Guard Blue, Coast Guard Blue Banner, Marine Corps Red, Marine Corps Red Banner, Space Force Black, Space Force Black Banner, US Navy Blue, US Navy Blue Banner, Purple Heart, Purple Heart Banner, White

Hang Tag Overhang Text

(Logo) I CARE, (Logo) PURPLE HEART, (Logo) CUSTOM TEXT [Please enter content below], (Logo) [BRANCH], (Logo) U.S. [BRANCH], U.S. [BRANCH] VETERAN (Large logo in Main Area), (Logo) VETERAN, (Logo) [BRANCH] VETERAN, (Logo) PROUD VETERAN, (Logo) MILITARY FAMILY, (Logo) PATIENT AMBASSADOR


Military service hang tags are customizable with your choice of text, color, and image.

Simply place the credential hang tag behind your existing existing PIV Credential shielded badge holder and secure it in place with a strap cliplanyard or badge reel. The large color-coded information can be seen from a distance which will allow instant recognition for staff and volunteers.

  • Designed to work with your existing PIV Credential shielded badge holder.
  • Extremely customizable for any size, multicolor, front and back design.
  • Synthetic Teslin material with Polyester PET laminate.
  • .030 mil thick, one-piece, fused product that is virtually indestructible.
  • Completely waterproof and tear resistant.
  • 13-month unconditional warranty.
  • 15-day production time frame from date of print proof approval
  • No minimum order requirements.