Shielded Holders

EK Ekcessories One Hander Shielded Holder

Tired of removing your credential from its holder to get through the door?  The EK Ekcessories One Hander solves the problem!  This two card, rigid plastic badge holder has a simple flip down operation to make your life easier.  The clear plastic, closed face front cover pivots on its bottom hinge point and opens / closes so easily that it only requires one hand to operate.

This badge holder is offered in two versions; with and without an attached badge lanyard.  Should you choose to purchase the attached lanyard version, you will have 36 different lanyard color options to choose from.  If you should choose to purchase the version without lanyard, please take note that the top attachment point is narrow and is not compatible all lanyards, reels and strap clips.

GSA APL #: 1321


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EK Ekcessories


Clear / Frosted


Rigid Plastic

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Closed Face, Open Face

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Dual Card

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