The Industry Leader in
Identity Management Products

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The Industry Leader in Identity Management Products

(800) 688-9202

Secure Credential DEPLOYMENT​

We provide seamless integration with your current system and communicate on your behalf with all vendors during the build.


...with You, the Access Control Reader Manufacturer and the Integrators.

Together, we meet at your facility, via phone/video conference calls, or email – using whatever means necessary to make sure your secure credential card readers and services are up and running smoothly and effectively.
Working in Harmony
We ensure seamless integration.
Implementing the use of secure RFID technology requires all of your facilities to upgrade existing proximity readers with high frequency access readers which would be programmed with your secure read key, provided by K&A.
We act on your behalf for a simple and painless upgrading process.
We act as a custodian on your behalf – working with your access control integrators, third-party system providers and downstream system vendors, access card manufacturers, and card issuance printers.
Enjoy enterprise-wide security that supports countless systems.
Secure credentials can now be implemented enterprise-wide to secure your access control system as well as supporting a host of downstream system tasks such as secure document printing, dining, vending, fingerprint biometrics, parking systems and single sign-on / logical access functions.

K&A Industries makes the process of
Secure Credential Encryption Keys EASY on you!