The Industry Leader in
Identity Management Products

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The Industry Leader in Identity Management Products

(800) 688-9202

Physical Security that’s Actually Secure​ Secure Credential Key Encryption
— from planning, production, deployment, to management —
K&A manages all areas of your secure ID badging needs.

Being vulnerable isn’t an option​​ Concerned about the vulnerability of your ID badge system? Overwhelmed with the complexity of an enterprise-wide upgrade? Don’t leave your business so open to attack.


We offer an in-depth consultation service for your organization that builds a future-proofed roadmap to keep your credentials secure and forward-facing.

Then we work alongside access control system manufacturers, integrators, and third-party system vendors to ensure the implementation process is easy for our clients — sit back and let us do the work!
Secure ID Services
One Card
One card holds all the PHYSICAL access control and DOWNSTREAM system access you need to keep your business secure inside and out.
Secure ID Services
Custom Keys​
32-bit password encryption creates a secure handshake between the user and access reader that cannot be compromised.
Secure ID Services
Managed Security
K&A is the trusted custodian for your entire secure ID system – from planning, production, deployment, to management, we do it all.

Credential security starts with
Custom Secure Key Development from K&A!

Imagine having an open architecture secure credential with custom keys that can only be used within your enterprise.
As your encryption key custodian, we design the custom key sets, and you have 100% full ownership! You are no longer pigeonholed to specific manufacturers since the technology is not manufacturer-specific, allowing you to leverage your buying power and keeping security as the highest priority.