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Identity Management Products

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The Industry Leader in Identity Management Products

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Education ID Card Accessories

We offer a wide range of custom education ID card accessories.

In today’s day and age, knowing who is in your building and roaming your hallways is of paramount concern to faculty, staff, students and parents.

Whether a K-12 environment or higher education, the concerns are the same… Who are you and why are you here?

Looking to brand your lanyards or badge reels with your school's logo?

In addition to our custom ID accessoriesphoto ID printers and badging services, we also offer a complete line of computer-printable and handwritten visitor badge products.

These products can be personalized to include your school’s name and logo. They can be designed to include security features such as self expiration technology where the label turns color from white to pink. The change in color denotes an expired label which can be clearly seen from a distance. It prevents today’s visitor from reusing their name badge again tomorrow. Whether you choose a computer-based solution or a manual log book approach, both offer the ability to retrieve visitor history in the future to determine who was in your building.

Whatever your specific need, we have the right education ID card accessories for your school. Contact K&A today and find out what many already know... “We Do ID Right”!