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The Industry Leader in Identity Management Products

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Event Credentials

These event credentials are perfect for sporting events, university and college events, press credentials, concerts, music festivals, award shows, car races, parking passes, trade shows and more!

Special event and oversized credentials can feature variable printing, facility maps, barcodes or RFID chips, along with other innovative features which allow attendees to be tracked, monitored and identified while attending your event.

Credentials are available in many sizes including:

ID Card Printer Rentals

Need credentials for a single event but don’t want to purchase an entire ID card printing system?

Or could you benefit from a secondary printer to support your current system for a short time when you need to print more credentials than normal?

We’ve got everything you need in ID cards printer rentals for special event and oversized credentials!

SwiftColor Printer - Rent Me!

Are PEOPLE back in the office, but your PRINTER has checked out?

Ensure your ID Card Printers are ALWAYS RUNNING SMOOTHLY with a company that knows the value of taking care of your printer.
At K&A — We Do ID Right!