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Identity Management Products

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The Industry Leader in Identity Management Products

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Healthcare ID Card Accessories

We offer a wide range of custom healthcare ID card accessories and have been servicing facilities throughout the United States since our inception.

We provide complete, turnkey photo ID badging and visitor registration systems to some of the most prestigious names in the healthcare sector.

Looking to help your patients better understand the role of their care provider?

Consider adding a hang tag behind your employee ID badge which can be color coded and custom printed to include your staff’s title or department name.

Hang tags can be made in any size, printed on one side or both, and can include virtually any information such as emergency response information, RACE and PASS procedures, and evacuation procedures in addition to job responsibility information.

From a fully configured system to ID card printers and supplies, access cards, badge accessories and hang tags, we have the knowledge and experience that it takes to keep your hospital safe and secure. We offer healthcare ID card accessories for every need!
Interested in marketing your hospital's logo while providing your staff with an easy way to display their ID badge?

Why not consider custom printed badge holders, lanyards or reels? We offer professionally-printed custom identification products for healthcare customized to heighten the awareness of your brand or message while delivering a useful product that will allow your employees to use their badge with your building access, time & attendance, and cafeteria readers.