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I Choose VA Because… Hang Tags

The recently introduced “I Choose VA Because…” badge initiative is an effective way to connect VA Employees to the veterans being served while building a trusted relationship with the goal of improving the patient experience.

We make your hang tag experience easy with 3 different options – so you can find the right tag for your specific need.


We do it ALL for you!
Name, hometown, “I Choose VA Because…”, “reason”, and tag number are all professionally printed on the tag, directly from your supplied list!


“I Choose VA Because…” and “reason” are pre-printed on the hang tag. Easily print and add your own adhesive label with name & hometown to any one of our 13 pre-printed hang tag versions by using a thermal label printer – we provide score marks for accurate alignment of the labels.


“I Choose VA Because…” is printed on the hang tag. You order and apply a full-length government-issued adhesive “reason” label which includes name & hometown.

  • Hang tag size is 2.125″ wide x 6″ high
  • Virtually indestructible product that is made to last and offers a 13 month unconditional warranty
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • Three printing options!

Looking to brand your lanyards or badge reels with your agency logo? We have created custom products for virtually every agency, department, and component, whether civilian or military. We have artwork and custom designs on file and cataloged to expedite the production process and deliver high-quality, professional products in quick time frames.

Let us design a product that delivers the right message. We have completed custom projects, both large and small in scale, that include military service recognition, title and department names, emergency code, evacuation procedures and mission statements along with a whole host of other messages. With an incredibly large federal client list, find out what they already know, and ask us how “We Do ID Right.”

I Choose VA Because... Hang Tags

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