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Clear Plastic Locking Badge Holder – Horizontal

SKU: 1840-6610 Categories: ,

Clear Plastic Locking Badge Holder – Horizontal

SKU 1840-6610 Categories: ,

These rugged polycarbonate holders feature a locking end piece to protect IDs from tampering.

Clear Plastic Horizontal Locking Card Holder Specs:

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Rigid Plastic



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Pair with the Guard Key for tamper-proof protection.

Protect your ID card from tampering with our Clear Plastic Locking Badge Holder – horizontal format.

The end piece snaps in to lock cards inside. Use the Guard Key (product #1840-6610, sold separately) to open the lock on this proximity card holder. Made of polycarbonate material. The Horizontal Clear Plastic Locking Badge Holder fits CR8030 standard credit card size. Horizontal side-load with slot for easy ID accessory attachment.

Our tough, Rigid Plastic Badge Holders protect smart cards from bending and cracking, and from internal damage and theft. Rigid plastic protects electronics inside smart cards and keeps them safe.

Use them to display everything from employee ID badges to convention credentials and inserts. Long-lasting and secure, our rigid holders easily attach to badge reel, strap clip, lanyard or chain. We offer badge holders for both horizontal or vertical card orientations, in a variety of colors and formats.

We also offer flexible vinyl holders to keep your standard credentials safe and arm band holders that are perfect for physically active personnel, because at K&A – We do ID right! 

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