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ID Card Printer Support We don’t just sell Card Printers – We help them THRIVE!

ID Card
Printer Support

From initial sales and supplies to setup and configuration, to ongoing maintenance and support, K&A Industries is your reliable partner, ensuring your ID Card Printer not only endures but also thrives throughout its lifespan.

Financial · Corporate · Commercial Real Estate · Government · VA Hospitals · Healthcare · Legal Firms · Universities · Professional Sports · and more!

Our expert printer tech team has 31 years of experience supporting card printers across all industries — nationally and globally .

New Printers



NEW PRINTERS — Setup & configure your card printer


Our ID experts want to help you find the ideal card printer, and we like to take the guesswork out of the equation. That’s why we put together an ID card printer BUYING GUIDE:

Card printer supplies & consumables

We provide guidance on selecting the proper consumables for your specific printer and ID technology requirements. We offer card printer supplies including ink ribbons, retransfer film, laminates, cartridges, printable cards and cleaning kits.

printers that do exactly what you need

When you purchase a new printer from K&A Industries, we will pre-configure it to your specific settings, prep, test, and install drivers, among other helpful tasks.

Card printer set up & installation

We are expertly skilled at setting up new printers, often collaborating with Access Control integrators and your IT department. We offer onsite installation and user training, or remote assistance with the support of your IT department.

Card printer set up & installation

PACS Integrators

Physical access control integrators know access control, but once the PACS system is installed and the hardware is connected, don’t be left without a dedicated point of contact for card printer support.

IT Department

Your IT department, like PACS integrators, are experts in their field but are not often experienced in handling every problem within the niche technical field of ID card printers.

User Training

We prioritize building strong relationships with the individuals using the printer, fostering rapport and familiarity with your service technicians so that, when needed, you know who to call.

Refurbish your old card printers — for FREE!

We offer complimentary refurbishment of your old printer, providing an instant backup in case of emergencies or high-volume print needs.

Buying Guide






Only 4 simple steps to a happy card printer:

Chat with
an expert

Let’s discuss your card printer needs and print quantity goals.

the plan

Maintenance? Loaner? Replacement? Return to depot for repair?

a rapport

Our service technicians will get to know the key printer users, becoming your trusted support team.


Enjoy seamless printer operation while keeping your access control system secure.

DIAGNOSING — Repair “troublesome” card printers

Technical Support

We provide comprehensive remote technical support through phone, email, text, or virtual conference to swiftly diagnose and resolve your issues, ensuring minimal downtime. Typically, 85-90% of card printer problems can be successfully resolved over the phone — without the need for onsite repairs. Our aim is to address and fix any related issues remotely, saving you the hassle of sending your equipment in for repairs.

Thinking of getting a new printer?

For anyone asking themselves if they really need a new printer, our diagnostic expertise is here to assist. Oftentimes, it’s not the hardware that’s the problem, and we’ve helped our clients save thousands by investing in simple moves like proper configuration and a thorough cleaning.

Worldwide — remote or on-site

We are invested in keeping your card printing system up and running, wherever the need may be. Serving clients worldwide, we offer preventative and remedial service for the life of your printer with REMOTE TECHNICAL SUPPORT and optional ON-SITE SERVICE across the continental U.S.

Card Printer Service — Done Right

Technical Know-How

Card Printer Manufacturers recommend K&A Industries as the go-to solutions provider for ID card printers. NO ONE in the industry has as much knowledge and expertise in card printer support.


We are invested in keeping your system up and running and are always accessible for your badging crisis. If remote support is not enough, we'll send you a loaner unit while we fix your card printer in record time.

Done Right (The 1st Time)

Businesses often send their card printer to be serviced for the wrong problem, only to have it come back and STILL not work. K&A doesn’t just sell a product; we offer a service. That's why we say, “at K&A — we do ID right.”

Next-Day Loaner units

While common problems can often be solved remotely, with our printer maintenance contracts, we offer next-day loaner card printer & laminator units when needed to keep your access control system running smoothly and your facility secure.


Our experts keep a Card Printer Repair Log for our enterprise customers. This method enables us to track usage patterns, identify potential break points, and proactively address issues before they become significant problems. This comprehensive logging system helps ensure continuous and efficient operation of your card printing system.

Technical Support

Save $$$

World Wide

Right the 1st Time

Loaner Units

Repair Log

Common card printer problems K&A can solve with ease:

Driver and Software
Configuration Issues

  • After a print driver update, IDs print in landscape instead of portrait.
  • Inaccessible print driver settings due to restricted user profile permissions.
  • Incorrect software configurations that override print driver settings.


  • Laminate fails to protect cards from abrasions.
  • Cards frequently jam in the laminator due to incorrect settings for different laminate materials.
  • Material blockages from expired laminates with adhesive issues, worsened by temperature fluctuations.

Printing Quality and
Operation Problems

  • Misprints caused by dirt and debris.
  • Cards not feeding correctly when entering or exiting the roller assembly.
  • Dual-sided cards mistakenly printed as two single-sided cards.
  • Fading images on printed cards.

MAINTENANCE — Keep your card printer humming

On-site or Ship to Us

We offer both onsite and depot maintenance (ship to us) options, allowing you to choose the most convenient service method for your keeping your ID badge printer running smoothly.

Comprehensive card printer maintenance

Our comprehensive service includes unboxing, testing, and conducting a thorough 100% deep cleaning of your printer. This involves disassembling the unit, cleaning rubberized rollers to remove debris and dust, calibrating sensors, and performing component-level repairs.

Card Printers can last 20 years!

Regular Cleaning

To prevent ribbon breakage and extend the life of your printer, it’s crucial to maintain cleanliness on all moving parts.

Don’t Dispose

Why invest thousands of dollars into NEW hardware when you can invest a small percentage of that into what you ALREADY OWN?

Ensure Longevity

Your investment in an ID card printer should yield many years of dependable service. With regular maintenance, that lifespan extends to over a decade.

Keep your id badging system up and running

During our routine maintenance, if we find something that needs repaired, we offer next business day loaner printers so you have zero downtime while your printer is being fixed.

Common problems we solve with ease

Card Printer Support & Maintenance Contracts

System uptime is imperative. We highly recommend enrolling in our printer maintenance contracts to ensure the livelihood and performance of your card printer. Either bring your existing fleet of ID card printers, or purchase a new printer through K&A — either way, our support contracts cover all your badge printing needs.

On-Site or Depot



Zero Downtime

Common Problems


Safeguard your printer’s lifespan by using the BEST team in the business.

Parts &

We ensure available parts if needed within the first year, unlike the manufacturer, who does not provide this guarantee.

Repair Log
for Enterprise

This feature allows our team to track patterns, identify potential break points, and proactively address issues before they become major problems.


Like any mechanical device, your card printer requires regular maintenance to run smoothly. Routine cleaning can extend its lifespan to over a decade.

Multiple ID Card Printers

Think you don’t need a printer support contract?
Think again...

Ensure your ID Card printers are always running smoothly.

It’s a niche product that doesn’t have a large footprint in a corporation, so it doesn’t get much attention.

What is the cost of downtime, ID office staff tied up trying to fix a problem they don’t know how to resolve? What is the cost of burned supplies? Labor rate and consumable waste cost? What if new hires are unable to get a card because of the down printer?

Many will offer a 3-year warranty with the first year being a replacement. Their service department puts in a replacement ticket, but availability of parts will determine how quickly you get a replacement. The manufacturer’s warranty has no specific timeline guarantees.

The problem often is NOT in the hardware; it’s commonly that the person who installed the printer didn’t know how to accurately set it up. K&A helps PACS integrators and IT departments set up, diagnose, and repair their clients’ card printers successfully — worldwide.