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Adhesive Badge Back Parts

Adhesive Badge Back Parts

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Adhesive Badge Back Parts

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Sticky backing for easy issuance – combine with a front part!

Pair with either printable or handwritten front parts to activate expiring process.

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Expired Text Expiration, Red Line Expiration

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Individual Badge Part

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Adhesive Badge Back Parts

Choose an Adhesive or Clip-on Badge Back Part. Adhesive Badge Back Parts can expire with red lines or with the word “EXPIRED” running across the badge. Clip-on Badge Back Parts are available in various colors and printed with or without titles.

Adhesive Badges should not be applied to delicate materials such as leather, silk, suede, or vinyl.

Two-Part Expiring Badges

Attach the front part to the back part to start the expiring process.
Available front parts:
Thermal-Printable Expiring Badge Front Parts
Handwritten Expiring Badge Front Parts

Available back parts:
Adhesive Badge Back Parts
Horizontal Clip-on Badge Back Parts

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