ID Card Printer Supplies

Fargo Polyguard 1.0 Mil Laminate – Half Patch

Part # 82608

  • Printer Compatibility: Fargo HDP5000
  • Print Count: 250
  • Decreases wear-and-tear on your printed cards, protects them from fading, and increasescard durability by adding a layer of protection to them.
  • Specially designed for cards with a magnetic stripe, allowing for maximum laminate coverage and protection of the card while leaving the magnetic stripe exposed. The 82608 laminate applies a half-patch laminate on the magnetic stripe side, or back side, or the card.
  • In order to laminate a card with the Fargo 82608 laminate, a printer with lamination capability is required.
  • To maintain the warranty on your Fargo printer, optimize the use of your printer, and maximize the quality of your printed cards, use only genuine Fargo 82608 laminate ribbons.