FlexSmart® MIFARE® / INDALA® Prox Card

Key Features of the FlexSmart® MIFARE® / INDALA® Prox Card:

  • Multiple Formats – Supports all Indala proximity card formats, including FlexEnterprise®.
  • Transition Solution – Add smart card applications to existing Indala proximity technology access control system.
  • High Security – Mutual authentication, DES and tripleDES data encryption, and unique 56-bit serial number.

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These cards combine Indala Proximity technology with HID FlexSmart MIFARE contactless smart card technology into a single card making them ideal for companies who are currently using Indala technology for access control and want to add smart card technology to their operations.

Security is always a concern with these types of cards which is why they feature FlexSecur technology which is unique to the HID Indala product line. This helps ensure the data on a card is secure by having a reader verify the card to screen out unauthorized cards before any data is sent to the host system.

Item #: FlexSmart-MIFARE-INDALA-Prox-Card


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