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ID Intelligence Smart Guard Shielded Badge Holder

The ID Intelligence Smart Guard Shielded Badge Holder is made of durable rigid polycarbonate. Available exclusively through K&A Industries, it can hold and shield two ID cards, effectively blocking RFID chips from being read without permission. Its open face design allows for easy display and removal of cards (even one-handed!) yet is durable and secure, protecting cards from loss or damage.

Compatible, user-friendly, and economical, the ID Intelligence Shielded Guard Shielded Badge Holder is an excellent choice to protect your contactless smart cards. 

IDI926 Smart Guard Secure Badgeholder

  • FIPS-201 Approved Secure Badge Holder
  • Less expensive than other similar models
  • Side load and top load
  • Available in a variety of colors including Black, Clear, Blue, Green, Red, and Pink

GSA APL #: 1501
Item #: IDI926-_ _ _ (BLK, BLU, CLR, GRN, RED, PNK)

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ID Intelligence


Black, Blue, Clear, Green, Pink, Red


Rigid Plastic

Holder Type

Open Face

Number of Cards

Dual Card

Card Insert

Side Load, Top Load

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