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VA & Military Branded MaxLabel™ Badge Reels

VA & Military Branded MaxLabel™ Badge Reels

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VA & Military Branded MaxLabel™ Badge Reels

Larger Imprint Area for VA & Military Logos!

This MaxLabel™ Badge Reel is available in multiple colors and end-fittings making it a versatile option for a variety of uses.

MaxLabel round plastic badge reels feature an extra-large, 1″ diameter imprint area which allows you to add your logo or military seal with optimum visibility.

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Black, Blue, White

Clip Type

Slide Belt Clip

End Fitting

Clear Vinyl Strap

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Badge Reels

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Available in multiple colors and end-fittings!

MaxLabel™ Badge Reels feature a 1″ diameter imprint area, ideal for displaying your logo or military seal. The cord has a nylon core with a polyester wrap for added durability.

MaxLabel™ Badge Reels are suitable for a multitude of professions and is a great choice to display not only your ID card but your logo as well. Badge reels can be clipped to a belt, pocket or other article of clothing to display a photo ID or card with an added benefit: the retractable nylon cord inside the badge reel allows the badge or card to be pulled out for scanning or swiping while keeping the credential attached to the user. MaxLabel round plastic badge reels feature an extra large, 1″ diameter imprint area with plenty of space for a custom logo. Choose from either a slide belt clip or a swivel bulldog clip. Works with all slotted cards or choose a Card Clamp™ end fitting and eliminate the need to slot punch cards.

Our knowledge and service make K&A the smart choice for VA credential accessories.

K&A carries all VA credential-related products from shielded badge holders to hang tags to lanyards and reels to printer ribbons and supplies… we’ve got it all.

We go above and beyond to serve, keeping detailed order records, making re-orders a breeze and recommending the ideal secure badge holder for your needs.

Everything is made-to-order just for you—we’ll listen to your needs and even help design your custom products to best display your Veterans PIV credentials.

K&A Industries has been helping the VA with their identity management needs for over 16 years. We will recommend the right accessories and hang tags for your specific needs, design custom imprints, and even supply printer ribbons required to print your IDs. Trust K&A as your ONE SOURCE for VA Management — because at K&A, “We Do ID Right”!