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SKU: LANS50 Category:


SKU LANS50 Category:

Tub-O-Lanyards offers an economical lanyard solution.

Tub-O-Lanyards contains 50 1/8″ round lanyards in assorted colors. Made of polyester-cotton, the braided material is comfortable to wear and suitable for many lanyard applications. Container dimensions: 8 1/4″ (L) x 5 1/8″ (W) x 8 3/16″ (H).

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Black, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Red

End Fitting

Bulldog Clip, Swivel Hook

Lanyard Width





Have a Tub to choose from!

Tub-O-Lanyards offers 1/8” round non-breakaway lanyards with crimp and swivel hook or bulldog clip end fitting in a fun and convenient container of 50.

Multiple colors and end fittings give employees options when deciding how to wear and display their ID badge. The Tub-O-Lanyards is a great choice when you need a variety of lanyards at an affordable price. Keep this tub in the office or take it to your event so you always have a lanyard when you need it! Lanyards are 36″ in length (cut length) and are made of round polyester material. Colors include black, royal blue, navy blue and red.

Lanyards are a great way to carry an ID badge or set of keys and are a popular card accessory used across many different industries. We offer several different styles to ensure there’s a lanyard for your exact needs. We also offer custom lanyards which are ideal for giveaways or promotions. Color match your lanyard to your event, logo and branding, or easily identify employee/volunteer roles using different lanyard colors.

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