Twist-Free Carabiner Badge Reel

Pressure Release Carabiner Latch Easily Attaches to a Belt Loop or Strap!

This Twist-Free Carabiner Badge Reel offers a high-quality look with added function and durability and comes in a slide belt clip or a carabiner only clip option. It is an excellent choice for use in settings where IDs must remain forward-facing at all times due to the twist-free feature.

The Twist-Free Carabiner Badge Reel comes in several colors and has an extra large imprint area perfect for customizing with your logo or message. As an added bonus, the carabiner only option offers two-sided customization along with variable text printing.


This Twist-Free Carabiner Badge Reel is a durable and functional option to display your ID cards. The cord has a nylon core with a polyester wrap for added durability. It is available in multiple colors and customizable with your logo or message!

A Twist-Free Carabiner Badge Reel is ideal for settings that require IDs to remain forward facing. Badge reels can be clipped to a belt, bag strap or key ring to display a photo ID or card with an added benefit: the retractable nylon cord inside the badge reel allows the badge or card to be pulled out for scanning or swiping while keeping the credential attached to the user. This Twist-Free Carabiner Badge Reel features an extra large imprint area. The chrome outer frame creates a high-end look. Choose a slide belt clip or a carabiner only clip option. Two-sided customization is available on the carabiner only option. Now available with variable text printing– allows you to change chosen text from one printed piece to the next.

Ordering badge reels from K&A Industries comes with an added benefit: we offer everything you need to complete your identity management needs! With customers in the governmentcorporatehealthcaremilitary and education marketplaces, located both nationally and internationally, we understand what it takes to deliver and support these mission-critical components. Read more about the government services we offer on our GSA Advantage page. Find out what they already know and you’ll understand why, “We Do ID Right.”

Item #: BLACK: 704-CB-BLK (carabiner only), 704-CLP-BLK (carabiner with belt clip); WHITE:  704-CB-WHT (carabiner only), 704-CLP-WHT (carabiner with belt clip); TRANSLUCENT RED: 704-TR-RED (carabiner only); RED: 704-CB-RED (carabiner only), 704-CLP-RED (carabiner with belt clip); TRANSLUCENT GREEN: 704-TR-GRN (carabiner only); GREEN: 704-CB-GRN (carabiner only); TRANSLUCENT BLUE: 704-TR-RBLU (carabiner only); ROYAL BLUE: 704-CB-RBLU (carabiner only), 704-CLP-RBLU (carabiner with belt clip); TRANSLUCENT PURPLE: 704-TR-PURP (carabiner only); PINK: 704-CB-PNK (carabiner only)

Additional information


Black, Translucent Blue, Royal Blue, Green, Translucent Green, Red, Translucent Red, White, Pink, Translucent Purple

No-Twist Vs. Twistable


Clip Type

Carabiner Only, Carabiner with Belt Clip

End Fitting

Clear Vinyl Strap

Customization Options

No Customization, Custom Pad Print, Custom Label, Custom Label with Clear Dome

Label Size

1 1/16" (28mm)

Reel Dimensions

1 1/4" (32mm)