Vertical 2-Sided Multi-Card Holder

These colorful 2-sided holders can handle multiple cards at once!

  • Available in your choice of seven colors
  • Open-face design
  • Top load
  • Available in vertical or horizontal format (1840-305X)

Item #: 1840-3080 (clear), 1840-3081 (black), 1840-3082 (blue), 1840-3086 (red), 1840-3088 (white), 1840-3089 (yellow)

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The Vertical 2-Sided Multi-Card Holder holds both your ID and business cards! This versatile holder features an open face to display inserted cards. Holds one 30 mil (750 mic) ID card on one side and two 30 mil cards or six business cards on the back side. Made of ABS material. Fits a standard credit card sized insert. The Vertical 2-Sided Multi-Card Holder has both standard slot and chain holes for easy ID attachment. 

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Item #: 1840-3080 (clear), 1840-3081 (black), 1840-3082 (blue), 1840-3086 (red), 1840-3088 (white), 1840-3089 (yellow)

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Rigid Plastic


Clear, Black, Blue, Red, White, Yellow

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Open Face

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