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K&A Provides Seamless Card Printer Services for US Central Bank 46 Fargo® card printers across 30 locations –
fully supported for maintenance and emergency repairs.


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One of the leading banks of the U.S.A., was stuck in a vicious cycle of ID card printer repair between their internal IT department, local branches, access control integrators, and printer manufacturer.

As a part of the access control system installation, PACS integrators delivered and installed droves of ID card printers across 30 branch locations. As a crucial part of employee badge production, these printers are the linchpin enabling a functional PACS system. Unfortunately, due to unique printing needs and frequent miscommunications between the current support teams, up to 60% of the bank’s card printers were experiencing recurring issues and needed service.

The Challenge Leading US Bank’s local branches face a cycle of ineffective card printer support.

The integrators that the bank partnered with know access control, but once the PACS system is installed and the hardware is connected, individual branches are left without a dedicated point of contact for when their card printer has issues

Consequently, with no other option, branches would contact the main IT headquarters for remote assistance. When a solution required in-office assistance, bank operators would contact the local PACS integrators. However, these groups of experts are not often experienced in handling every problem within the niche technical field of ID card printers. 

The struggle continued…

When all else failed, they turned to the card printer manufacturer, who, in turn, would service the hardware based on the troubleshooting report done in-office. They saw some success when an on-site tech happened to have the right experience to solve the issue. Many local branches weren’t so lucky, and the disconnect and incidental miscommunication between the four parties resulted in unacceptable system downtime.  

Regrettably, for all their branches across America, the inconsistency and lack of support for their fleet of card printers was becoming a vicious cycle of ineffective repair

Fargo HDP6600 ID Card Printer

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Free Service Trials for Enterprises:

“Hey listen, don’t take our word for it — send us the printer. We’ll fix the printer and do it all at no cost to you.”
- Leon Deane
President, K&A Industries
Did you know?
80% of card printer issues can be solved remotely!

Enter K&A Industries — “We do ID right.” With 30+ years in card printer service, maintenance, repair, and technical support.

ID card printers are a critical — yet often neglected — part of a building’s security system. When the printer goes down, an enterprise cannot issue access control badges. This system downtime is not only inconvenient; it compromises the building’s security when access control is bypassed to allow for business to continue as usual. That is why having a service provider for your ID card printer is crucial — and yet support for printer repair is often an afterthought; an obligation of the sale.

Surprisingly, K&A Industries found this niche area of expertise was severely lacking in supply. With over three decades of technical expertise in ID card printers, K&A is PROUD to offer our support to struggling enterprises like the U.S. financial institutions. 

To K&A, your card printer is more than an obligation — ID card printer support is a professional service

The Solution — K&A’s White Glove Services ​​ Leading nationwide bank secures streamlined and effortless card printer support.

When the various bank branches kept reaching out to the manufacturer for support in their fleet of Fargo® HDP5000 and HDP6600 card printers, HID® told them to give K&A a call.

Five Steps to a Solution —

STEP 1 — At the recommendation from HID, the bank’s tech support headquarters reached out to K&A.

STEP 2 — K&A offered a try-before-you-buy challenge: “Send us your most problematic printers, and we’ll repair them free of charge.”

STEP 3 — Two trial card printers were repaired by K&A, returned to the bank, and brought back online. Trust established.

STEP 4 — After signing a printer maintenance contract, K&A built a rapport with the point of contact at each of the 30+ local offices as their new card printer guru.

STEP 5 — K&A executed support for all 46 printers in the banking network with a dedicated service log that allows for their printer support team to track patterns so they are able to address common problems in advance.


For the locations that need to upgrade to newer models, K&A will refurbish the old card printer models and return them to the local bank branch as an instant backup for emergencies or badging initiatives too big for the active-duty printers alone.

Understandably, card printer service needs are a given —

They are mechanical devices that are bound to require support. This large nationwide bank simply needed a resource who could respond to their unique situation and resolve the problem — expeditiously.

card printer maintenance and support
Why invest thousands into NEW hardware when you can invest a small % of that into what you ALREADY OWN?
“This financial institution feels that the interaction with K&A Industries is so streamlined and effortless, that they are now interested in expanding the relationship to include additional products and services.”
- Leon Deane
President, K&A Industries

The Results

Broken Printers FIXED for FREE

As a part of K&A’s “try before you buy” repair service. 

ID Card Printers Supported by K&A

With remote tech support + maintenance & loaner units.

Locations with Service Contracts

Each having a direct relationship with K&A personnel. 

Although it may be simple to replace a unit when problems arise, ID card printers are NOT designed to fail.

Card printers can last up to 20 years with the right service provider and routine maintenance

Our White Glove Services can make the most challenging issue feel easy.

With K&A’s personalized white glove services, you can relax while we provide secure, future-proofed identity management solutions — fit just for you.

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“RELAX, we got THIS”
- Leon Deane
President, K&A Industries