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Custom-Branded ID Accessories for Amtrak — White Glove Service When Brand Identity Needs to ‘Go the Distance’ — Call K&A


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Amtrak, the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, needed stock and custom ID card accessories that represented the high quality of their brand.

Amtrak reached out to long-standing solutions provider — K&A Industries, Inc. — for a quick, easy solution to their nationwide badging requirements. Along with HID® access control card stockrigid badge holders, and ID card printer supplies, K&A also supplied custom-branded ID accessories for Amtrak — specifically, a lanyard badge reel combo with imprinting that stayed on brand. This lanyard badge reel would be worn by all of their contractors and employees across the United States. 

The custom imprinting needed to be spot on, following strict brand guidelines — a process that K&A Industries knows like the back of their hand. Following Amtrak’s brand standards, K&A provided all of the requested supplies through a quick and painless process, including high-quality custom-printed red lanyard/badge reels for contractors and a custom Pantone-matched blue lanyard badge reel for their employees. 

The Challenge

Custom-Branded ID Accessories for Amtrak to
Outfit 20,000 Employees & Contractors Annually​

“How can this process be easier?” is the question most corporations ask themselves before reaching out to K&A Industries.

They would need ID card printer supplies “at the ready” to maintain something like twenty thousand IDs for employees and contractors. Not to mention the ID card accessories that go with each badge.

Those badge accessories include…

  • 20K HID® access cards to print and encode.
  • 20K rigid badge holders to protect and hold the ID cards.
  • 20K custom-printed lanyard badge reels in two designs that adhere to Amtrak’s respected brand. With similar quantities of each needed every year.
Amtrak employees with Custom Lanyard Badge Reels

The Amtrak logo/picture/likeness used in this marketing material is the property of Amtrak®. It is used here solely for illustrative purposes and to showcase our past work.
“We know the process inside and out of providing custom-branded accessories for Amtrak — we make it quick and painless for them."
- Leon Deane
Vice President, K&A Industries

Enter K&A Industries — “We do ID right.”

Custom-Branded Accessories by the ID Experts

Nobody has more knowledge or experience required to assist the federal market with identity management needs than K&A Industries. Amtrak — a long-time partner — trusted K&A’s experience, their solid relationships with manufacturers like HID® and Brady People ID, and the vast product knowledge that K&A has after 30+ years in the industry. 

While stock products like badge holders and card printer supplies may be simple, Amtrak’s custom-branded ID accessories — like their lanyard badge reels — come with unique requirements inherent to branding guidelines. K&A understands the rules and follows a thorough procedure that inquires about logo treatment and color requirements.

The Solution — K&A’s Expertise in Custom-Branded Products

A Quick and Painless Process for Amtrak —
PLUS On-Hand (Emergency Stock) for Quick Re-Orders

Step 1 — Production planning & custom-branded art design.
K&A’s expertise came in carefully designing product proofs that follow brand standards. For instance, in how to use a reverse (white) logo, the proper “quiet space” around the Amtrak® Arrow, and the Pantone color-matching product material.

Step 2 — An annual sales agreement that let’s Amtrak focus on what Amtrak does best.
They needed a partner to supply their ID accessories consistently, on-brand, annually, and in quantities that fluctuate year-to-year.

Step 3 — Quick & painless re-order process, with products shipped to their door.
Upon design approval, K&A retains all print-proofs as well as an on-hand “emergency” supply of Amtrak’s unique products. This way, re-orders are expedited and painless, while saving Amtrak the financial and logistical burden of in-house stock. K&A Industries delivers all of Amtrak’s ID needs directly to their headquarters in Washington, D.C., based on the quantities they request. 

K&A values their relationship with Amtrak, who, in turn, appreciates that K&A makes the reordering process painless. Amtrak need only request a quote, and K&A delivers (literally). Amtrak releases the order, and K&A ships the product to their door and then uploads the invoice directly to Amtrak’s portal — a quick and painless process.

Amtrak Custom Branded ID Accessories
Amtrak 20K Employees and Contractors

The Results — Quality Amtrak Can Trust

HID® Access Control Cards

For custom printing, custom encoding, and self-issuance

Custom Lanyard Badge Reels

Red = contractors;
PMS blue = employees

Rigid Plastic Badge Holders

To hold and protect their HID® access control cards

Our White Glove Services can make the most challenging issue feel easy.

With K&A’s personalized white glove services, you can relax while we provide secure, future-proofed identity management solutions — fit just for you.

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“RELAX, we got THIS”
- Leon Deane
Vice President, K&A Industries
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