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Citadel’s Custom Reader Provisioning for Secure Document Printing When this financial giant needed 300 smart printer readers ASAP,
HID® pointed Citadel toward K&A’s white glove service for custom-configured, OMNIKEY® readers.


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Citadel, a financial services firm juggling billions of U.S. dollars daily, was faced with outfitting its entire enterprise with “smart” printing capabilities that kept corporate documents secure.

They needed the ID-enabled capability to start a print job from their office devices while ensuring that potentially sensitive documents were never left unattended in the printer tray. Thanks to the team from HID, they knew what they wanted (high-tech, HID® OMNIKEY® readers), but they still needed software experts to customize the out-of-the-box readers to their exact specifications. 

In the interest of corporate security, they contacted K&A for custom reader provisioning — an à la carte offering from the complete Secure ID Services. Citadel’s ID credentials, printers, and access control systems were already well-established, but they needed these new card readers to integrate into their system. Not only would the readers need to recognize the up-to-date corporate credentials associated with the print job and release the requested documents, but they would also need to be ready to ship across their entire enterprise as soon as possible. However, with this enterprise-wide and time-sensitive problem, K&A delivered a fast, efficient, and cost-effective solution as Citadel’s white-gloved custom reader concierge.

The Challenge Custom Reader Provisioning for Citadel — Configured to their Unique Specifications

Responsible for huge investments on top of corporate confidentiality, Citadel recognized that it was time to confront the benefits of secure document printing. Additionally, with a solid access control and ID system, the infrastructure was already in place for corporate printers. Citadel’s “smart” printing could be more than the standard pin-enabled print release, but it wouldn’t be easy. 

The biggest challenge? These readers need to work with Citadel’s “primary badges” but NOT with their general building access badges. It would require expert technical know-how and product knowledge for the readers to be configured to Citadel’s unique specifications. 

After contacting HID and working out the best hardware for the job, Citadel was faced with a choice: Their IT department could probably custom encode the new readers, but it would take them away from their usual duties. Configuring card readers is a niche language all its own, resulting in time-consuming and labor-intensive work for any IT department. Therefore, HID suggested an alternative — some experts they know, fluent in all things ID. A trusted technical source…

Citadel's secure document printing with card reader

The Citadel logo/picture/likeness used in this marketing material is the property of Citadel LLC. It is used here solely for illustrative purposes and to showcase our past work.
“We offer the perfect solution for the end-user wanting to customize the powerful card enrollment readers like the HID® OMNIKEY® — we will deliver a custom-configured, out-of-the-box, plug-and-play device to your entire enterprise."
- Leon Deane
Vice President, K&A Industries

Enter K&A Industries — “We do ID right.” Demonstrating Expert Custom Reader Provisioning Ideal for Citadel’s Needs

HID® directed Citadel to K&A for their technical custom encryption services in provisioning their OMNIKEY readers to work within an established system and provide secure document printing. Before signing on the dotted line, however, Citadel wanted proof that K&A could deliver. To their warranted skepticism: challenge accepted. 

After a brief white-boarding period to plan the technical configuration requirements, K&A then configured and delivered their prototype to Citadel’s corporate headquarters in Florida. As a result, the test run checked all the boxes, and K&A was awarded the contract on proof of concept. 1 down, 299 to go.

The Solution — K&A’s White Glove Service 48-Hour Turnaround for Citadel’s Custom Reader Provisioning + Emergency Stock On-Hand

At K&A Industries, there is a slogan: We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied. Above all, Citadel’s custom reader provisioning is a prime example of the expert attention focused on their corporate-wide issue. 

Step 1 – Whiteboard requirements. 

Before any reader configuration, K&A and Citadel outlined the technical requirements within a future-proofed scope for their credential-enabled smart printing. Therefore, resulting in a thorough and cost-effective solution. 

Step 2 – Prototype the solution.

Next, once the current and future requirements are fully understood, K&A’s encryption engineering team configured the prototype of Citadel’s custom HID® OMNIKEY® readers for secure document printing. 

Step 3 – 300 readers in 48 hours. 

Finally, after the prototype was approved and the order contract was signed, K&A received the hardware from HID and went to work. As a result, within 48 hours of signing, 300 ready-to-use custom readers arrived at Citadel’s corporate headquarters. 

As solution providers, K&A is proud to have delivered expert custom reader provisioning that took the burden of technical responsibility off of Citadel’s IT team. However, as their new white-gloved concierge, K&A’s job doesn’t end with this job well done. Instead, Citadel will continue to receive expert guidance, ongoing maintenance on firmware and updates throughout the lifecycle of the readers, and access to an on-hand emergency stock of custom readers. Complete, future-proofed ID solutions — that’s what we call white glove service.

A gloved hand holding a platter of custom HID OMNIKEY readers - representing K&A's White Glove Service.
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The Results — Secure Document Printing

HID® Readers

Custom encoded for Citadel’s exact printing needs.

Hour Turnaround

For plug-and-play devices delivered to their door.

Citadel Employees

Able to print corporate documents securely.

Our White Glove Services can make the most challenging issue feel easy.

With K&A’s personalized white glove services, you can relax while we provide secure, future-proofed identity management solutions — fit just for you.

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“RELAX, we got THIS”
- Leon Deane
Vice President, K&A Industries
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