Round Badge Reel

Many Colors Available!

This twistable, retractable round badge reel is one of the most versatile badge reels. With many color choices, sizes, clip choices, and end fittings, round badge reels are suitable for a variety of professions in countless settings.

And don’t forget to customize! Include your logo, branding or message, or add a multicolor flat or dome label to any of the these badge reels for a complete, professional look!


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This twistable, retractable round badge reel is made of rugged ABS plastic and comes in a variety of colors. It features four different end-fitting options, making it ideal for displaying any slotted photo ID card or credential. The cord has a nylon core with a polyester wrap for added durability. Don’t forget to customize the reel with your logo or message! Add a multicolor flat or dome label to any the these badge reels for a complete, professional look!

A round badge reel has the versatility to suit nearly every need. Reels can be clipped to a belt, pocket or other article of clothing to display a photo ID or card. The retractable nylon cord inside the badge reel allows the credential to be pulled out for scanning or swiping while staying attached to the user. There are four different clip types are available on these reels, Slide Belt Clip, Spring Clip, Swivel Bulldog Clip, or Lanyard Attachment. With so many options, this reel is very versatile!

Ordering badge reels from K&A Industries comes with an added benefit: we offer everything you need to complete your identity management needs! With customers in the government, corporate, healthcare, military and education marketplaces, located both nationally and internationally, we understand what it takes to deliver and support these mission-critical components. Read more about services we offer on our GSA Advantage page. Find out what they already know and you’ll understand why, “We Do ID Right.”

Item Numbers include:

Slide Belt Clip with Clear Vinyl Strap: 2120-3030 and 525-GC-CRM, 2120-3031 and 525-I-BLK, 2120-3032 and 525-I-RBLU, 2120-3034, 2120-3035 and 525-GC-GLD, 2120-3036 and 525-I-RED, 2120-3038 and 525-I-WHT, 2120-3039, 2120-3040 and 525-I-DKGRY, 2120-3081, 2120-3082, 2120-3083, 2120-3084, 2120-3085, 2120-3600 and 525-TR-CLR, 2120-3602 and 525-TR-RBLU, 2120-3604 and 525-TR-GRN, 2120-3605 and 525-TR-ORG, 2120-3606 and 525-TR-RED, 2120-3609 and 525-TR-YLW, 2120-3613 and 525-TR-PURP, 2120-4730, 525-I-ORG

Slide Belt Clip with Reinforced Vinyl Strap: 2120-3001, 2120-3002, 2120-3004, 2120-3006, 2120-3008, 2120-3020

Slide Belt Clip with Key Ring: 525-ISR-BLK, 525-ISR-RBLU

Slide Belt Clip with Card Clamp: 525-IK6-BLK, 525-IK6-RBLU

Spring Clip with Clear Vinyl Strap:  2120-4700, 2120-4701, 2120-4702, 2120-4706, 2120-4708, 2120-4732, 2120-4734, 2120-4736

Spring Clip with Reinforced Vinyl Strap: 2120-4751, 2120-4752

Swivel Bulldog Clip with Clear Vinyl Strap:  2120-7601 and 529-I-BLK, 2120-7602 and 529-I-RBLU, 2120-7606 and 529-I-RED, 2120-7608 and 529-I-WHT, 2120-7620 and 529-I-DKGRY, 2120-7621 and 529-TR-CLR, 2120-7622 and 529-TR-RBLU, 2120-7623 and 529-TR-PURP, 2120-7624 and 529-TR-GRN, 2120-7625 and 529-TR-ORG, 2120-7626 and 529-TR-RED,

Swivel Bulldog Clip with Card Clamp: 529-IK6-BLK, 529-IK6-RBLU

Lanyard Attachment with Clear Vinyl Strap: 2120-7501

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Clear, Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Black, Neon Blue, Translucent Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Green, Neon Green, Translucent Green, Orange, Neon Orange, Translucent Orange, Gray, Red, Translucent Red, White, Yellow, Translucent Yellow, Neon Yellow, Neon Pink, Translucent Purple

No-Twist Vs. Twistable


Clip Type

Slide Belt Clip, Spring Clip, Swivel Bulldog Clip, Lanyard Attachment

End Fitting

Split Ring, Clear Vinyl Strap, Reinforced Vinyl Strap, Card Clamp

Customization Options

No Customization, Custom Pad Print, Custom Label, Custom Label with Clear Dome

Reel Dimensions

1 1/4" (32mm)

Label Size

3/4" (19mm)